The Sunday School for contemporary artists


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Program: [Education]

Curator: [Vladimir Seleznyov]

Participants: [Liza Morozova], [Evgeny Umansky], [Vladimir Logutov]

Artist: I am the artist!

Worker: You're shit to me

(The artist turned pale at once

And swayed as a reed

And die suddenly

He's carried out)

Daniil Kharms The four illustrations of how new idea dumfounds person, who isn't efficient for that, 1933

What's the most important for the artist? That is to think in modern way and try to see in casual life what could be a gist of his or her future art peace. That is a gesture and a position. Conceptualization and implementation.

We invite young creative people, students and the graduates of arts schools and humanities majors. To the end of the course they would get acquainted with the basic concepts, genres and tendencies in contemporary art.

The tasks of the course:

To show the aesthetic potential of new art forms;

To discover the peculiarities of being an artist nowadays;

To develop students' own individual position concerning the specificities of contemporary art

To teach the basic techniques of photo, video, digital art and other kinds of art making.

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