"The Inner Ural"


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Program: [Ural Regions]

Place: Ekaterinburg Fine Arts Museum

Curators: [Vladimir Seleznyov], [Alisa Prudnikova], [Svetlana Usoltseva]

Partners: Ekaterinburg Fine Arts Museum

"The Inner Ural" is not an adaptation of Victor Pelevins and not an homage to Joseph Beuys. It is alchemy, which appears in the geographically unique territory between Europe and Asia. It is a deceitful metaphor for a region with an extremely rich existential background.

The Ural video art that rapidly developed in the 1990s from documentation of radical performances to independent genres fell into almost complete oblivion by the end of the 2000s. The 1990s were the "heroic period of riots and attack" (the works of Alexandr Golizdrin, Oleg Elovoy, Alexandr Shaburov; of groups such as "The Zetkin's Ambush", "The Atomic Province," and others).

New creative people and art groups appeared in the 2000: "Zer Gut", "Ne s ruki", "Conservators", "SISTRA" in Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Tagil, Berezovsky, and Zarechny. But their activity could not compensate for and support the energy of the previous generation. The situation became more structured: creative process found its gravitation points (both geographically and in terms of content), new institutions for contemporary art presentation and of art-criticism were established. Many groups disintegrated, and new figures have arisen.

Leonid Tishkov identified one of the main principles of the Ural artists: "the true art comes from the insides". It is impossible to explain the local "cultural explosion" in any rational way rather, the various "mutagenic agents" create the reality of irreal space with illusory identity.

Alisa Prudnikova, Vladimir Seleznyov

Artists: The Atomic Province , Victor Davydov, Alexandr Shaburov , Oleg Lystsov , Leonid Tishkov , Where the Dogs Run, Zer Gut , Den Marino, Oleg Blyablyas, Yulia Bezshtanko, Elena Klimova, Spoup Studio, Feodor Telkov.

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