International Dance Film Festival "KINODANCE" in Ekaterinburg


20.11 - 29.11.2009

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Program: [Interdisciplinary Experiences]

Included in: [International Dance Film Festival "KINODANCE" in Ekaterinburg]

Place: Multiplex "Salut"

Curator: [Anna Pyankova]

Partners: Kannon Dance Center, Multiplex Salut, ProArte Institute

The program of the International festival Kinodance (St.Petersburg) presents the unity of dance and cinema art and consists of the outstanding and world-renowned dance films and video works with a specially ingenious image choreography. The genre of kinodance comprises such diverse forms as ballet-documentations, MTV clips, entrancing animation, performance art, parkour from the streets of Los Angeles, contemporary dance, Hollywood musicals and American avant-garde of the 1960s.

Ekaterinburg program includes 6 parts:

1)Together: Director and Choreographer New in Dance Film 2007-2008

Heroes for an Hour by Christopher Harding & Mara Mattushka (AT), Death Dance by Robert Lepage (CA) & Pedro Pires, Nora by David Hinton (GB) & Alla Kovgan (RU).

2)Retrospective of French Film Dance: Josephe Nadge

Auto-biographical documentary Joseph Nadge, the Last Landscape, and dance-performance Paso Doble collaboration between Nadge and sculptor Michel Borchelli alive sculpture that has traveled around the globe.

3)Director-Choreographer: New Works by Irgi Kilian and Vim Vandekeibus

Now and Then by V. Vandekibus, Car-men by I.Kilian and B. P. Konen.

4)Dancers Corner: Djok Soto (US)

5)Choreographers Corner: Alan Platel and William Foresight

The story of creation of provocative and shocking dance performance VSPRS by Platel and his dancers, and choreographic work of the illustrious William Foresight.

6)The Best from the Collection of the Kinodance festival 2001-2009

The most peculiar and interesting works selected by the festival curators.

The Kinodance festival has been taking place in St. Petersburg since 2001, every year expanding its audience and gaining professional assessment as being one of the most intensive and vivid dance film festivals in Europe.6th edition of St. Petersburg Festival "KINODANCE" in Ekaterinburg.


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